"The Legion of Mary presents the true face of the Catholic Church"  --Pope Saint John XXIII

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Frank Duff

Ven. Edel Quinn

Alphie Lambe

"You are a movement of lay people who propose to make faith the aspiration of your life up to the achievement of personal sanctity."
- Saint Pope John Paul "The Great"

""You know how much esteem and affection I have for you. I say you have anticipated the
Vatican Council - the future apostolate of the Church ."
-Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

"Its name speaks for itself." 
-Pope Pius XI

"Indeed the spirit of the Legion of Mary, while properly drawing fruitful nourishment from the strong interior life of its members, from their discipline, their dedication to the salvation of their neighbor, their unflinching loyalty to the church, nevertheless is distinguished and characterized by an adamant confidence in the action of the Blessed Virgin
- recognizing in her the model, the guide, the joy, and the support of its members...." -Pope Paul VI
"I encourage all parishes to have an active praesidium of the Legion of Mary" -Bishop Emeritus Victor Galeone, Diocese of St. Augustine Florida
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 *  Taken from Can We Be Saints? by the Servant of God, Frank Duff, written when he was in his 20s, it set the tone for his life's work and the purpose of the Legion of Mary.


There is an art in the moving of others, and those that work for their neighbor must study it.

Do not say "I cannot," or "I am not fitted," or "Nobody heeds me." For there is one thing that can cloth you with power in your dealings with others affection for them. This is the great secret of all real influence. To possess it, follow this simple rule - Look only for good qualities in anyone you meet; you will find them. Never look for faults, for you would find them.  Act thus, and you will easily develop the habit of love.

Convince those around you, by deeds, not phrases, that you truly have this feeling for them, and you can lead them where you like.


Wherever you go, at your work or in clubs or societies, you will hear difficulties raised and questions asked which, perhaps, strike at the foundations of the Church or of Faith itself and in aiding others, do not forget the danger to yourself.

Many of these objections you will be able to meet effectively from your own knowledge. Others may appear so strong as to frighten you. It is useful then to reason thus to oneself:

"Whatever the objection is, there is an answer to it. All these difficulties have been raised and answered before. Great men have in all ages endeavored to pick holes in the doctrine of the Church, and they and their philosophies have gone, while the Church lives on.'

Always remember that the truth of Catholic doctrines does not depend on your ability to prove them true. Ten lifetimes would not be long enough to satisfy oneself on every point. The real proof of them lies in the declaration of the Church, which is the pillar and the ground of truth.

So do not let what someone in the words has said unsettle you. Let his objection - even if it raises a difficulty in your mind - only give you the opportunity for an Act of Faith: "I don't understand, Dear Lord, but I believe because the Church teaches it, and the Church is infallible."

Read the promise of Our Lord: "Upon this Rock I will build My Church . . and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it."
Then hear the words of Lord Macaulay, who was no friend of the Church, and see how that promise stands after nineteen centuries: When we reflect on the tremendous assaults which the Catholic Church has survived, we find it difficult to conceive in what way she is to perish."

I have been associated with the Legion throughout my forty years as a priest and it has been a stabilizing influence in the weekly regimen of my life as a priest. I have found legionaries to be my most persevering and consistent collaborators in evangelization. The Legion has extended the effect of Christ's priesthood by imitating the way Christ employed His disciples. -Rev. Francis Lendacky, Spiritual Director, Philadelphia Senatus.
I started the Legion one year after arriving at St. Athanasius in West Oak Lane, and immediately sent the legionaries out visiting door to door to every house within the parish boundaries. With the help of the Legion, the parish grew in numbers and in faith. The Legion also helped bring about the large number of converts we had every year, including forty in 1998. -Bishop Herbert Bevard, U S Virgin Islands
"The primary purpose of the Legion of Mary is to lead people to Jesus Christ so they can benefit from the love and mercy of God. Specifically, the Legion of Mary seeks to lead the people we encounter in our works to a greater knowledge and faith in God and to increase the faith and holiness of our own members through prayer and service to Our Lord." -Comment on Facebook.
As a diocese we aim to become the Body of Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit so that we can live like Jesus in our time and place, sharing his compassionate love with all.' Of course Frank Duff was saying the same thing 100 years ago.  Frank Duff was ahead of his time.  He opened the way for the Legion of Mary. He did so at a time when the role of the lay faithful still had to struggle for full recognition.  Many would say that this is still the case - that lay people have still not been given their proper place in the Church.  I think it is time to reassess the life and message* of the Servant of God, Frank Duff.  I think his message has much to teach us in our present situation.  His genius was to translate doctrine into action."Christ - the Head depends on His followers" he would say.  "If they do not lend themselves to Him his purposes are frustrated".  Frank Duff has been described as a pioneer of the new evangelization. His methods of reflection, prayer and action in small groups, have been tried and found trustworthy. -Cardinal Sean Knock Shrine, Ireland.
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